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Survey & Loss Adjustment

I provide services with regards to insurance claim settlement and survey for Marine Cargo, Fire, and Engineering claims.

Fire Claims
Physical assets are prone to disasters caused by man and nature. It doesn't matter where they are situated. In the lingo of insurance, fire is defined as the ignition resulting from an accident. Damages in the category of fire cover the following types of risk:

- Fire
- Lightning
- Damage caused by an explosion.
- Damage caused in an impact.
- Damaged caused by a malicious intent in the event of a riot/strike.

In my career of more than a decade, I have helped numerous companies to recover their losses by handling their claims with diligence and speed. You can benefit from my services as well. 


Engineering Claims
Assets in the form of machines are subjected to rough conditions, which is why failure is something that is inevitable. In the event of an untimely breakdown, early replacement can save a lot of money. As a mechanical engineer, I have handled complex claims across the following types of projects:
- Civil engineering projects.
- Plant and Machinery.
- Telecom.


Marine Cargo
Transportation is the lifeline for our economy and the risk associated with it is covered by this category. Damages to a physical asset during transit, including during loading and unloading, by air, water and land are valid for a claim. In such investigations, my top priority is to protect the interest of my clients. All prerequisite requirements are adhered to for smooth settlement. Contact now to get your claim.


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